A new targeted cancer therapy approach based on metabolic synthetic lethality

Metabomed is developing a therapeutic strategy based on new drugs that inhibit metabolic enzymes which are vital for cancer cells’ survival. Metabomed identifies reprogrammed metabolic pathways specific and essential to cancer cells with genetically-enforced metabolic alterations. Those “induced essential” metabolic pathways uniquely support the growth and survival of cancer cells.

Our goal: to identify and pharmacologically inhibit essential metabolic targets to specifically prevent cancer growth while limiting damage to surrounding healthy tissues.

  • Synthetic lethality<br> at the core

    Synthetic lethality
    at the core

    Using genetics to stratify patients in order to identify those most suited for novel treatments while limiting side effects

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  • Promising<br> pipeline


    Metabomed is running several programs against targets that form synthetic lethal pairs with inactivated metabolic genes

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  • Best<br> minds


    Exploiting the groundbreaking work of genomic and metabolic pathways mapping

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About Us

Metabomed is a drug discovery company in the field of cancer metabolism. The Company is developing a proprietary target identification platform based on computational biology, genomics and metabolomics. The platform identifies metabolic pathways that arise uniquely in cancers that enable and support their growth. These discoveries are used to develop small molecules that specifically target the reprogrammed cancer cells’ metabolism to halt their growth. Since these molecules inhibit divergent pathways that are specific to cancer cells, the therapies will not target healthy surrounding tissues. Metabomed is a privately held company based in Israel and supported by the groundbreaking science of its scientific founders.

About Us

Our Approach

Where genomics, metabolomics and computational biology meet

  • 1
    Exploring the genomic landscape of patients suffering from a particular type of cancer.
  • 2
    Based on this genomic data, specific cellular metabolic deficits are identified.
  • 3
    The platform then focuses on metabolic pathways that enable cancer cells to overcome and survive the metabolic deficiencies and set the disease state into motion.
  • 4
    Drug discovery is then based on targets that form synthetic lethal pairs with inactivated metabolic genes, to disrupt the cancer cells’ inherent survival mechanisms and prevent cancer cells from adapting to their metabolic constraints.


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