Our Approach


Where genomics, metabolomics and computational biology meet

Metabomed’s interdisciplinary platform for target identification is based on harnessing the potential of synthetic lethality. When a genetic mutation in one gene is countered by a rescue mechanism of another, the two genes are considered a synthetically lethal pair, and only the loss of both genes would lead to cell death. Metabomed focuses on identifying drugs that hit the survival-enabling bypasses that form synthetically lethal pairs with null-mutations of metabolic genes in cancers. The platform combines the power of genomics, cancer metabolism and systems biology to facilitate the discovery and development of novel therapeutics that disrupt the metabolic pathways which emerge uniquely in cancer cells.

Synthetic lethality at the core

The unique targeted approach involves a four-step methodology:

  • Exhaustive charting of the genomic landscape of cancers.

  • Sign-posting of cancer-specific metabolic deficits.

  • The platform then identifies metabolic pathways that set the disease state into motion by enabling cancer cells to overcome and survive their metabolic deficiencies.
    These pathways contain the synthetic lethal pair of the metabolic deficiency.

  • Drug discovery campaigns are then initiated to develop effective inhibitors of targets that form synthetic lethal pairs with inactivated metabolic genes, to disrupt the cancer cells’ inherent survival mechanisms and prevent cancer cells from overcoming their metabolic handicap.

This holistic approach to drug discovery, based on cancers’ addiction to a non-oncogene, opens up a vast territory of potential drug targets. Our mission is to develop small molecules that are uniquely capable of halting the reprogrammed metabolism of cancer cells and disrupting their growth and survival. This highly specific method is potentially much safer to healthy tissues as it is designed to be completely cancer-cell specific.